about banana wave

Banana Wave is the world’s first non-dairy banana milk. It’s also the only non-dairy, “shelf-stable” banana milk in the world.


As more and more people move away from dairy products due to lactose intolerance and the well-documented health issues associated with animal-based products, plant-based beverages are all the rage. But it’s hard to find a replacement for milk that’s as satisfying - other plant-based milks have a thinner consistency and take “getting used to” for many people. But with Banana Wave, people love it the very first time (assuming they like bananas)!

  • Bananas are considered to be a “super food” - one of the healthiest foods you can put in your body. More cool stuff about Bananas.

  • Banana Wave is more like a tsunami, taking the country by storm. In the past 12 months, Banana Wave has appeared in over 5000 stores, with new orders flying in every day. To date, every store that decided to put Banana Wave on it’s shelves has reordered! In most cases they have increased the shelf space. Since we introduced chocolate and strawberry, almost every store has ordered all three flavors. Not a single store has dropped the product - unprecedented in our experience.

Banana Wave is shelf-stable (technically known as “aseptic”) which means that it does not need to be refrigerated until opened. That means you won’t find Banana Wave in the refrigerated section of your grocer. Instead, you’ll find it in the grocery section. In order to be shelf-stable we produce Banana Wave in a highly specialized facility that uses sophisticated manufacturing and packaging techniques.

  • Banana Wave has recently been selected as the main smoothie-making ingredient in professional football stadiums, cruise ships and hotels.

  • CEO Steven Gelerman has been developing beverages and food products for over 35 years. He has owned or consulted with dozens of natural food companies. His passion for Banana Wave has resulted in a delicious formulation that the company believes is the best-tasting, non-dairy milk on the market.